About Kustom Komponents


Our background has been 20 years of precision manufacturing and design.  Kustom Komponents, LLC. was founded in 2003 with a desire to produce the best racing products, particularly in the areas of driver comfort and breathing safety. It is our goal to provide the lightest, most compact, lowest power draw, and most efficient racing products in the market.

Kustom Komponents started revolutionizing air condition systems with the Intercooler, released in 2004. The idea was spawned because of a complaint from Ryan Newman of Penske Racing South.  It wasn’t really a complaint as much as a refusal to use the (at the time) best air conditioning system available which was simply too big, too heavy, and had too much of a power draw. Kustom Komponents worked in conjunction with Penske Racing and created a revolutionary product, the InterCooler.